Beach Resorts: The Most Expensive In The World

The idyllic vacations that we all think about include an infinity pool, stunning views of a vibrant turquoise sea, fine white sand, a spa with all kinds of treatments, cocktails by the pool or the beach, delicious dinners with Ocean views and of course a good suite . All in order to reconnect with oneself and with others… And above all, to relax and forget all the stress suffered during the year.

All of this is offered by many resorts. But much more, and better, is offered by the most expensive resorts in the world

Whether in Mexico, Maldives, Bali, Phuket or even on the Greek island of Santorini, here we present the most expensive resorts in the world, some unaffordable for common mortals. But put to dream …

Banwa Private Island (Philippines)

The most expensive resort in the world is located in the Philippines, it is called Banwa Private Island and calls itself ‘exclusively yours’. Nestled in a lush wilderness of the Palawan archipelago, this luxury resort is on Banwa Island and can only be reached by boat, helicopter or plane from Manila (the flight, which costs from $ 1,000, is not included in the price). It has six villas (ranging from one to four bedrooms) with their own beach, an infinity pool in each one, a jacuzzi and the most spectacular panoramic views ever seen. Guests have a restaurant and bar serving international cuisine with local touches prepared by the best chefs in the country. Its cellar is a complete vademecum of the wines of the entire planet and its most expensive bottles reach 36. 000 dollars.

Kurumba Maldives (Maldives)

There is no doubt: the Maldives archipelago is one of the most expensive paradise places in the world. It has some establishments on the beach, such as the Hotel Joali, the best hotel in the Maldives, which are among the most luxurious and welcoming in the world. Also on that list is Kurumba Maldives, a luxurious resort on the island of Vihamanafuhsi, one of the most beautiful. This space is configured as “a cosmopolitan place” with various accommodation options, with a myriad of treatments in its spa area and with an excellent restaurant service. Of course, sun, beach, water activities and, above all, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters around Kurumba Beach.

Constance Moofushi (Maldives)

Constance Moofushi is another paradise in the Maldives for lovers of resorts where the guest only has to take care of relaxing and enjoying themselves. For example, diving among sharks and rays. The resort is a set of 24 villas lying on the edge of the beach and 56 located directly on the water so that waking up and putting your foot in the most crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean is all one. Everything is turquoise and white, like its waters and its sand. The weekly cost of a villa exceeds 10.00 euros.

Le Blanc Spa Resort (Cancun, Mexico)

“Stay once, free yourself forever” is the motto of this resort to invite the most adventurous to enjoy this experience. This is the “adults-only all-inclusive paradise” located in Cancun where you can enjoy absolutely all the services: food, drinks, room service … Beach, swimming pools, spa, relaxation, any whim you can imagine and more luxurious rooms with sea views.

Fowl Cay (Bahamas)

This resort with only 13 rooms that can accommodate up to 26 select guests is located in the Bahamas, a diving paradise. It is a private island of more than 200,000 square meters, and the price of this luxury resort is about 14,000 euros per person for a 14-day stay. If you are interested, go looking for a date, because the difficult thing here is to find a free stay.


What To Pack For An All-Inclusive Resort

7 days in a tropical paradise and you still don’t know what to bring? 20 kgs of suitcase to only use swimsuits? Don’t worry, here is a list that will help you carry only what you need.

Since I have worked, traveled and lived in resorts for a couple of years, I think I can help you start a list of the most important things:

Essential accessories in a resort

– Powerbank . A portable charger to have a full battery all day. And here it is clear to me, I have been using this Anker charger since 2015 and it is still like new.

– Take a plastic bag to put your phone and wallet if you go on an excursion, the bag will prevent your belongings from getting wet.

– Charger for cell phone, camera and other electronics that you carry. It may seem obvious, but it has happened to some of us that we have forgotten it. – Material to read , to enjoy with a cocktail in hand lying in the shade. – As we will have an intense change in our gastronomy, it is better to be careful and bring medicines for acidity and digestion. – Swimsuits will be what you use the most, think about the beach, swimming pool and excursions, you know which one.

– If you are active on vacation, prepare your sports equipment : surely there is a gym, tennis courts, or you just want to run. Check with the hotel beforehand about which sports facilities they have.

– Take a portable speaker / speaker to enjoy your favorite hammock music in front of the sea. My favorite will always be the waterproof JBL in large format or the small JBL speaker is perfect for travel.

– Mosquito repellent , when the sun goes down, they come! Special care at dusk and dawn. – Sun protection: sunscreen and glasses are important for the skin, but don’t forget a hat or cap. – Dress code for restaurants : There is usually a dress code and men must wear pants and a shirt for some restaurants. Women have it easier, with a sarong they can solve that. Let’s remember the air conditioners, maybe a light jacket would be useful.

– All your beauty and personal hygiene products in their travel version. – Do not forget the most important thing, a good attitude to enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

What you can forget

– Do not bring a towel, it only takes up space in your suitcase and they will provide you with a bath towel and another to use at the pool or beach.

– You don’t need a hair dryer, generally their rooms include a hair dryer.