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You regularly play a game of online roulette. Despite all your best efforts, you keep losing. You increasingly feel that roulette does not draw random numbers. You even have the idea that other numbers are drawn on purpose. Unfortunately, you are not the only player to encounter this problem. Every day, players report to the MGA that they feel they are being scammed. The question is of course whether you are really being ripped off? Or that you are just unlucky with a game of online roulette. You can read all about how random online roulette really is here.

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Reliable online casinos are supervised

It is important to know that reliable online casinos are always supervised by a licensed publisher. If you want to start an online casino, you need a license for this. You also need this if you want to start a casino in the Netherlands. You can only apply for a license for an online casino in a few countries. A few well-known countries where licenses are issued are: Malta, Curacao and UK. When a casino is licensed, they are under strict supervision. Among other things, it is checked whether the games give random results and are not manipulated with them. At a legal casino mmc996 Thai you must therefore be able to assume that the game is random. After you register online casino you can expect the best.

How do you know if a casino is reliable?

A licensed casino is therefore reliable for gambling. You know that the site is being monitored and that the results have not been manipulated. In addition, you also know that your money is safe and that they have sufficient financial resources to pay out the profit. Just how do you know if the site is licensed? This is actually always indicated at the bottom with a logo of the license publisher. You have the following known licenses: MGA (Malta), Gambling Commission (UK) and the Curacao coat of arms. Clicking on this will take you to the website of the government of, for example, Malta or the UK. You will immediately receive an overview of the permit and whether it is still valid. After this check you know that you can gamble safely.

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Random Number Generator is mandatory

With every game in the casino it is mandatory to provide it with a Random Number Generator. This is to ensure that every number in roulette is drawn randomly. The game may therefore not prioritize or drop extra numbers. The game must also not be programmed to make you lose on purpose. This is the reason that an RNG is programmed in the software. In order to qualify for a license for a trustworthy casino, every game must have this. The licensor checks this regularly with random checks and when complaints are received from players. With a license you are actually 100% sure that you can play safely.

How does such a Random Number Generator work?

An RNG is a programming in the games that works on the basis of a mathematical algorithm. The algorithm ensures that results are randomly drawn in a natural way. Usually the casino does not develop this algorithm itself. The casino usually works with proven external parties. For example, NetEnt is often chosen for roulette. They have developed an algorithm in which random numbers are drawn. The software of a NetEnt has a huge reputation on the internet. They absolutely do not want to be in the news with scams. This is why you can rely on an RNG to always draw random numbers. This is also regularly checked by independent parties.