Right Steps for the Smart Home Apps

Right Steps for the Smart Home Apps

Device features can dramatically reduce the time it takes for users to complete a given task in an app business solutions system, and even increase conversions. Mobile websites can also use some features of a mobile device like camera, GPS, etc. However, the use of all the multimedia features of a device (which mobile applications can use) presents heavy technological constraints. For smart home apps this is most essential now.

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Ability To Work Offline

This is probably the most basic difference between a mobile website and an app.

  • While apps may also require internet connectivity to perform most of their tasks https://10kbsystems.com/services/business-system-solutions/, they can still provide basic content and functionality to offline users.
  • The beauty of mobile apps is their ability to work even when offline.
  • Let us take again the example of the banking application.
  • The app can provide features like calculating taxes, calculating down payments and determining loan limit. These features can work even without using an internet connection.
  • Even though mobile websites can use caching to load web pages without an internet connection, they can only offer limited functions.

Freedom In Design

Even with all the technological advancements in web design, mobile websites have to rely heavily on browsers to perform even the most basic functions. Mobile websites depend on browser functionality, such as the “Back” button, the “Refresh” button and the “address bar” to function.

  • Mobile apps have none of these restrictions.
  • A mobile application can be designed with many sophisticated functions, based on advanced gestures such as “tap”, “drag”, “pinch”, “hold”.
  • Applications can use these gestures to provide innovative features that can help users perform a task more efficiently. For example, an application can allow users to move to a previous or next step using a gesture.

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New Brand Experience

Since a mobile app is separate from a company’s website, it has the freedom to provide users with a brand new experience. This means that the company can experiment with new brand styles for the application. They may be different from the usual branding style of the company’s website. To take it a step further, companies can create mobile apps specifically to switch to a new branding style. Mobile apps can be used to create a distinct brand of your product / service. In addition, a mobile application can also allow users to customize its appearance as they wish.


The concept of web microsites works on a similar basis. Microsites provide users with a distinct brand experience from their parent sites. They are often used to promote a newly launched sub-brand, event or service.

Users Spend More Time On Apps

Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile and only 14% on computers. You should know that the French spend an average of 3 hours a day on mobile applications.

Note: It should be noted that users spend the majority of their time on gaming apps and social media apps.

However, we also don’t have any data telling us which mobile website users visit more often. Therefore, it is not possible to make a comparison.